MICA Printers Camp 2019

I had the opportunity to visit the Globe Collection Press at MICA for ten days with the 2019 Printers Camp. I had the opportunity to work with Allison Fisher, Bob Cicero, Brad Vetter, and Amos Kennedy along with fourteen fellow undergraduate students. Over the ten days I worked most closely with Bob and Allison along with four other students to create three collaborative letterpress posters in response to our experiences in Baltimore.

Collaboration with Ruby Barrett, Carley Blanchard, Paige Brown, Bob Cicero, Allison Fisher, and Ben Kraemer

Natty Bo

Part of our task during Printers Camp was to create a poster that acted as our personal response to Baltimore. Intrigued by the National Bohemian's mascot, Natty Bo, and his iconic single-eyed smile, I decided to pose a question that had been on my mind since I first arrived in the city.

the submarine

During the camp I used my spare time to create two show posters for a house show venue in my home town of Chattanooga, Tennessee. I was excited to bridge the gap between the history of Globe and modern day social media advertising.

Check out The Submarine